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The name says it all.

Virtual Workflow Solutions is a Canadian-based virtual Board Liaison and administration service provider for Associations, NFPs, & SMEs. The champion of Virtual Assistants, available in an instant! We develop user-friendly digital meeting packages, oversee administration best practices and design communications solutions to align with your organization’s mission and strategic priorities.

Times have changed, with office teams all around the globe working differently. Companies are turning to virtual management faster than ever anticipated. Businesses transitioning NOW are way ahead of the game. Virtual workflow is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Unlike the costs associated with traditional in-house staff, where the hidden, fully-loaded fringe benefits can exceed 30% to 50% over and above paid salaries, VWS offers a better, budget-friendly way to plan and execute essential time-sensitive productivity necessities. And bonus; there is no lengthy (and costly) recruiting process!

Go Ahead! Hit the vacation button!

We devise flexible, targeted client solutions with high-speed turnaround, while keeping rates as low as possible; guaranteed to save you a lot of time and money in the long run. We’re the accountability partner, who has a clear understanding of how to balance all aspects of effective stakeholder interests, with effective communications practices and comprehensive operational administration. When properly facilitated, in partnership with our clients, the match is guaranteed to foster organizational growth.

Your success is our success. Devoted to reducing costs, improving profitability and making you look great in the process. Guaranteed cost-effective V2B service solutions that deliver outstanding results.

The #1 Full-Service V2B Professional Administration, Board of Directors Liaison, and Creative Services Provider in Canada 

“FINALLY got our SEO in shape! Thank you VWS! You took the time to really understand our business. Not only are the channels cleaned up, BUT the plan is knocking conversions out of the park!”

Shelley A., Kitchener

“We can always count on Virtual Workflow Solutions to provide fast, efficient solutions for WordPress dilemmas! With Kathryn by our side, we have the confidence to continue building our online business.”

Doug W., Agincourt

“Yes, time saving for sure! It’s always been a challenge to prioritize social media on the to-do list, because quite frankly, it’s overwhelming. But Virtual Workflow Solutions has taken care of business, saving the time it takes for me to keep up with that huge audience that I never actually see. I really didn’t know anything about the importance of social media management, and I never thought this kind of assistance was valuable; but now? Well, it’s as important as breathing air for my business! Thanks Kath! ”

John H., Vaughan

“Competent, fast turnaround, and most important of all, economical. I know VSW can handle any perplexing issue that comes up for our Board, so we don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Suzanne B., North York

“Where do I begin? As our Board Liaison, Kathryn ensures our meetings are under control, compiling user-friendly digital meeting packages that engage our Directors, and captures every aspect of the meeting on the minutes. Always helpful, professional and proactive.”

Tammy C., Edmonton AL

Kathryn is an exceptional, Online Business Manager. Always ahead of the game, she takes the initiative, jumps into challenges with enthusiasm, responds to our requests immediately, and knows what needs to be done without hesitation. We can count on her to turn around projects in record time with complete accuracy. She's a quality, professional team player who would virtually be a great asset to any organization.

S. McClelland, Toronto



Operating a business has many moving parts, requiring lazer-focused attention and administration best practices that will maximize profitability and sustain growth.

Virtual Workflow Solutions is THE Virtual Assistant accountability partner for your administration needs, bringing skills and expertise to help manage infrastructure. We’ll recommend control efficiencies for cost reduction, and provide online administration, so you can focus on business goals and priorities.


People perceive your business, brand, and integrity by how you communicate with them. Period. VWS Virtual Assistants understand the vital role of effective communications when issues arise that could significantly impact business reputations, effectively engaging and building trust with internal and external audiences utilizing best practices and strategic brand management. Leave your marketing and communications worries to us.

BOD Governance

Organizations require an uber-efficient liaison to provide accurate and timely information to the BOD and the Executive Management team. Our champion Virtual Assistants specialize in creating digital, user-friendly Board packages that engage attendees, agenda and minute recording, Executive reports, strategic planning, objective tracking, mandates and organizational policy development.

Discrete and dependable. Making you look great in the process.


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