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Next time, call us! Virtual Workflow Solutions is THE virtual workflow accountability partner for online businesses, SMEs, Associations or NFPs. Imagine the cost saving value of a collaborative V2B service, effectively supporting crucial time management and budgetary complexities within your organization. Managing projects efficiently so that you can focus on core objectives. Full-service virtual administration and creative professionals; working with you.

Founder and V2B Online Business Manager, Kathryn McNea, is dedicated and resourceful, with extensive experience in all aspects of effective communications design and delivery along with comprehensive operational administration. When properly facilitated, in partnership, the match is guaranteed to foster organizational growth.

With over 25 years of design, implementation, and hands on engagement of internal/external audiences, branding, sales, marketing and media relations, PLUS extensive experience with all key organizational underpinnings, Kathryn understands the vital role planning, execution, and effective management have when issues arise that could have a significant impact on business reputations.


VWS offers both packaged and retainer-based services. Located in the Greater Toronto Area. Call (416) 895-0857 or email for more information. Loyal to our online client base, devoted to reducing costs, improving profitability and making you look great in the process. We’re ready for you!

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Reduce costs and improve profitability with Virtual Workflow Solutions V2B services and supports.
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