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Virtual Workflow Solutions has the research, content crafting, editing, and analysis experience to provide social media management, maximize your space and ensure your digital footprint takes centre stage. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly how to rise above your competition in all the major social media channels!

Located in the Greater Toronto area. VWS offers both packaged and retainer-based services. Call (416) 895-0857 or email for more information


Social Media Design, Implementation and Management Packages

Who are you targeting? How about age, gender, income, interests, discretionary earnings? Each of these factors will impact which social media presence is the best fit for your business and most effective in reaching that target market. Facebook for reminiscing? Twitter or Instagram to let them know what you’re up to right this minute? How about Pinterest to tap into a predominately female audience considering future purchases? Do you need a YouTube channel? Blogging and e-newsletters are other ways to maintain a captive audience, requiring story-telling finesse in order to keep them coming back.

Regardless of the stream, visually appealing messages are key. Analytic tools require knowledge to decipher what it all means. Channels are announced, rejuvenated, or enhanced every day. Who should hear your message? What time; how often? Where do you start analyzing that go-to-market? Why is it important? Which stream will you use to capitalize on your marketing campaign? Who will develop your content? Maintain links? Manage your email lists? With the continual on-line noise, do you want to utilize your precious time keeping up with the conversations? We’ll answer all these questions for you!

Social Media Audit

Conduct an employee/supplier amnesty, review, analyze and provide a comprehensive report of all current on-line business profiles, historical activity, followers, content effectiveness, competitive business name variations, branding irregularities and information inconsistencies. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly how to rise above your competition.

Starting from $845

Strategy Design & Deploy

Determine goals, KPIs and channels, develop your ideal audience engagement strategy and content marketing plan. Keyword analysis, task management, SEO and post schedule systems. Setup of 3 primary social media sites including: account, profile, with your branded graphic design, photo editing, descriptions, keyword optimization, lead propagation tips and tricks), initial post/lead ad copy.

Starting from $1200

Content Creation

Online community planning, scheduling, ads (FB, Lin, Tweets) and management of your page’s content messaging including promotional content creation and/or repurposing designed to increase engagement, traffic, sales, and profit!

Add analytics and you ready to go!

Starting from $500

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