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Times have changed, with people around the globe working differently now. Virtual business management is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

At Virtual Workflow Solutions, we understand that and are ready to help you, working behind the scenes virtually managing administration, communications, and operations essentials efficiently and cost-effectively.

Just think about it. You already have a critical team of consultants who take care of things for you, business-wise and personally. Bankers, mortgage and investment brokers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, and so on. Although you’re not able to avoid having occasional one-on-one contact with some of them, that pre-meeting “stuff” is always taken care of beforehand, in a virtual platform. How many times have you asked “Can’t you just email that to me?” Nine times out of ten, the answer is “of course”.

Your success is our success. Devoted to reducing costs, improving profitability and making you look great in the process. Guaranteed cost-effective virtual management service solutions that deliver outstanding results.

Virtual Workflow Solutions is  the #1, full-service V2B service provider in Canada. We’re the accountability partner, who has a clear understanding of how to balance all aspects of effective stakeholder interests, with effective communications practices and comprehensive administration. When properly facilitated, in partnership with our clients, the match is guaranteed to foster organizational growth.

Hire a Virtual Assistant, Board of Directors Governance liaison, or operations and communications specialist for your NFP, Association, or SMEs. The champion of Virtual Assistants for Associations, NFPs, & SMEs available in an instant! User-friendly digital meeting packages, best practices oversight, and solutions to align with your organization’s mission and strategic priorities. Efficient. Cost effective.

The #1 Full-Service V2B Professional Administration, Board of Directors Liaison, and Creative Services Provider in Canada