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If you’re thinking of diving into a world of virtual workflow solutions, then download our free guide Getting Started With V2B Productivity In 5 Easy Steps.  We’ll walk you through the key steps to setting up V2B services, sourcing and working with an Online Business Manager, or Virtual Associate

When it comes to developing an effective operational infrastructure top leadership execs, like members of the Board, to frontline staff who report in daily are embracing the value of virtual liaising in record numbers. Working with a V2B services team offers a better, budget-friendly way to plan and execute essential time-sensitive projects while increasing all-around productivity with someone who is committed to your mission and success.

Virtual Workflow Solutions is a Canadian-based V2B service provider specializing in online Board of Directors liaising, operational administration, and communications solutions through a better model of online business productivity efficiencies.We devise flexible, targeted client solutions with high-speed turnaround, to keep rates as low as possible, and save clients time and money. Online, on time, on budget! Devoted to improving profitability, and making you look great in the process. Guaranteed cost-effective, V2B service solutions that deliver outstanding results, because your success is our success.

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